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Saudi writer says considered suicide after torture in prison

2018/12/31, 11:39

 Saudi writer says considered suicide after torture in prison

Truth NGO - Saudi writer, Reem Sulaiman revealed that she had considered suicide on several occasions during her detention in a Saudi Arabian prison due to torture.

“When I was in prison, I had images of all the female activists who were threatened with sexual harassment, whipped and subjected to electric shocks and forced to fabricate fictitious stories and confessions,” Sulaiman wrote on her Twitter account.

“I mostly thought if I would survive or commit suicide. Yes, I considered suicide because of all I went through” she added.
The Saudi activist described her captures as “monsters” “stripped of all mercy”.

Sulaiman revealed on Friday that she had been arrested and tortured upon orders from a former advisor to Saudi royal court, Saud al-Qahtani.

She was later released on the condition that she never writes again.

Sulaiman has recently managed to flee the kingdom into the Netherlands, where she applied for asylum.

She has also revealed that she had received new death threats if she continued to expose what happened to her in detention.


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