September 16, 2019

MEPs call for stricter control on arms exports

2018/12/15, 13:26

MEPs call for stricter control on arms exports

The draft resolution on arms export control was passed by 427 votes in favour, 150 opposed, and 97 abstentions.

The resolution which is passed by EU lawmakers marks the pressures of Human Rights organization on the EU decision making entities have been effective. EU lawmakers also stressed the need for tougher checks on EU arms exports and demanded a sanction mechanism to be put in place on those countries that systematically fail to comply with common criteria.
“This year’s report goes beyond previous ones. We managed to include an extension of the eight criteria to include military and police personnel. It demands – even though we vehemently reject the newly-established EU armament programmes – that the EDIDP (EU Defence Industrial Development Programme) and EDF (European Defence Fund) be subjected to this control regime,” said German rapporteur Sabine Lösing (GUE/NGL), the author of the Parliament’s annual Arms Exports report.In some cases, critics point out, arms are exported to crisis countries and violate EU common positions, thus undermining the entire European arms control effort.
“In Yemen, European weapons are fundamentally responsible for the war taking place,” Lösing told MEPs in Strasbourg.Arms exports to Saudi Arabia in particular – a state that regularly breaks six out of the eight EU criteria for arms exports – have recently proven that European weapons fuel the brutal war in Yemen, where a Saudi Arabia-led coalition is battling Iran-backed Houthi rebels.
As much as 95% of the exports have been approved in recent years.Three countries of France, Germany and United Kingdom which were in an arm sale competition to sign more arm sale deals with middle eastern countries are now face with the pressure from human rights organizations and EU NGOs. As a result, Germany stopped its arm export to Saudi Arabia which led human right organization to still worry for other counties exporting arms to middle east, whether they will stop their deals or will continue to sell their arms to Saudi Arabia and Arab coalition.
A general review to the arm export policies to middle east for preventing any other arm sale competition in the region is another demand human rights organizations expect to be fulfilled.


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