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About Truth NGO Human Rights institute

2018/12/11, 11:32

About Truth NGO Human Rights institute

The Institute of Truth was established on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Agreements to defend the rights of all human beings, without racial or religious discrimination.The intention is to raise world public awareness of the multiple behaviours of racist regimes, apartheids and developed countries that violate the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights and act against it in order to obtain illegitimate benefits.


- Defend the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

- Support processes, associations, NGOs, institutes and individuals that defend the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Human Rights

- Collaboration with individuals, associations and NGOs that working for the defence of human rights in different countries of the world

- Informing people about the violation of human rights by authoritarian and capitalist governments that prefer their own interests to human rights

- Exchange ideas with experts and lawyers on human rights activities to protect and defend human rights in all regions of the world

- Organize real or virtual round tables and seminars to defend human rights and inform societies about human rights violations

- Disseminate interviews with experts, elites, analysts, human rights defenders and politicians on current events and socio-political developments in international relations in order to raise public awareness around the world

- Try to encourage developed governments to implement the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights and avoid acting against the principles

- Use the capacity of lawyers, NGOs and human rights organizations to present and organize petitions to international assemblies to protect victims of organized terrorist acts or illegitimate acts of governments against civilians

- Publish articles, opinions and attitudes of experts about news and events in the world on human rights as a source of information


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